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Workshops and other Special Events

JIF generally sponsors at least two weekend workshops each year, one in the winter or spring and the other in the fall, featuring guest teachers from around the country and around the world. 

The most prominent of these workshops is Juneau DanceFest! held over Labor Day weekend. Concurrent workshops are conducted on a full range of dance genres, with dances to live music each night. Details can be found at www.juneaudancefest.org.

We also try to have one workshop emphasizing line or circle dancing and one emphasizing couple dancing.  Other special workshops may be held as opportunities arise.  Some workshops include singing or instrumental techniques as well as dancing. 

View upcoming workshops on our Special Events page.


Outside teachers who have instructed us over the years

1979 Kathy Kerr Hungarian
  Nelda Drury Mexican
1980 Alexandru David Russian
  Wilfried Knorr German
  Atanas Kolarovski Macedonian
  Jerry Duke American
1981 Pia Drabowicz & Polish
  Glen Weber
  Andy Toplarski Croatian & Bulgarian
  Ron Wixman Bulgarian
1982 Glenn Thompson Scandinavian
  Don and Deanne Sparks Croatian & Romanian
  Tamberlaine Harris Romanian
1983 Sean & Una O'Farrell Irish
  Andor Czompo Hungarian
1984 Frantisek Bonus Czech
  Bora Ozkok Turkish
1985 Marianne Taylor New England Contra
  Yves Moreau Bulgarian & Fr.-Canadian
1986 Sheila Hudson Scottish
  Nelda Drury Mexican
  Don & Deanne Sparks Romanian
  Frantisek Bonus Czech
1987 Glenn Nielsen Romanian
1988 Shlomo Bachar Israeli
  Bob Cohen & Linda Teslik Hungarian
  Jaap Leegwater Bulgarian
1989 Bora Ozkok Turkish
  Frantisek Bonus Czech
1990 Saeko Ogawa Japanese
  Tom Bozigian Armenian
1991 Richard Powers Vintage Dance
  Sunni Bloland Romanian
  Germain Hebert French
1992 Richard Powers Swing
  Dick Crum Balkan
1993 Joe Graziosi Greek
  Ron Wixman Balkan
  Don & Deanne Sparks Miscellaneous
1994 Ron Wixman Bulgarian/Armenian
  Danny & Joan Hathaway British Isles
  Art Hare Scandinavian
1995 Jaap Leegwater Bulgarian
  Thea Huijgen Balkan
1996 Theador Vasilescu Romanian
  Istvan Szabo ("Kovacs") Hungarian
1997 LaDonn Johnson-Peterson Scandinavian
  Thea Huijgen Balkan
1998 David Edery Israeli
  Joe Graziosi Greek
1999 Theador Vasilescu Romanian
  Jaap Leegwater Bulgarian
2000 Thea Huijgen Eastern European
2001 Richard Powers Waltz
2002 Richard Powers Argentine Tango
2003 Istan Szabo & Hungarian
  Deanne Hendriks
  Nola Irish Scandinavian
  Percell Riere St. Thomas Argentine Tango
  Larry Lynch Irish Country
2004 Art Hare Scandinavian
  Ahmet Luleci Turkish
2005 Pablo Repun Argentine Tango
2006 Thea Huijgen Dances of Eastern Europe
  Roo Lester Scandinavian
2007 Loui Tucker Israeli
  Lee Otterholt Greek
2008 Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas American Bandstand Era